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Bed Quilts


I have always enjoyed the challenge of both designing and making large quilts. I have divided these into three sections.

I started my quiltmaking journey in 1990 by making a patchwork cot quilt. A second quilt soon followed. I pieced using my sewing machine but hardly anyone machine quilted in those days and I found I didn’t particularly enjoy hand quilting over all the seams.

Seeing Amy Emms and her beautiful Durham wholecloth quilts at a quilt show in 1993 inspired me to try making one for myself. My wholecloth quilts feature patterns created purely by the quilting stitches and have sparked what has become a lifelong love affair with designing patterns and hand stitching them on plain fabrics.

My appliqué quilts have provided me with the opportunity to play with colour. These are slow to produce (I can make three wholecloth quilts in the time it takes to make one appliqué quilt) but I feel the effort is worth it.