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The Sweater Collection


This is the original sweater quilt made for the Quilters' Guild exhibition at Lord's. The 'Under The Covers' catalogue entry read 'I used to be an avid knitter.' The quilt has been acquired by the Quilters' Guild for its collection.


In 1999, Sandie set out to make a quilt that resembled a cricket sweater for the Quilters’ Guild ‘Under the Covers’ exhibition at Lord’s cricket ground. The 'sweater' was made as realistic as possible up to, and including, an accurate care label. It was not, however, made lifesize so it made people smile when they realised it was the size of a single bed quilt!

This was a great success and led Sandie to create a collection of 35 sweater quilts using different hand quilting patterns to create knitted textures, utilise unusual fabrics and add a variety of embellishments.

Some quilts have required piecing together; others have needed applique and embroidery techniques to bring them to life, and finding suitable embellishments (especially buttons) has meant each sweater has set new and varied challenges. The last one, Machine Knit, is interactive - it has two built-in computers that allow it to 'see', which means its eyes will follow you as you move around in front of it!

Sandie says that making them all has been great fun. They have been exhibited in various combinations at various venues:- The Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter, The National Needlework Centre, The West of England Quilt show, The Festival of Quilts, and the quilt show group including Malvern and Sandown.