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  The Paisley Pageant Collection


Although the 2016 paisley collection featured Mrs Thomas' paisley motif, not one of the quilts made was a red and white strippy. In 2018 Sandie set out not only to rectify this in a new design, but also to explore the effects of subtly altering both the Welsh trail pattern (with the addition of a spiral in the centre diamonds) and the fillings contained within the paisley motif. Machine pieced; hand quilted on silk dupion using Aurifil 28 thread.


The year leading up to Sandie's 2019 Paisley Parade gallery at Festival of Quilts consisted of an intense 'design and make' cycle that led to the creation of 25 new cot quilts.

There were, however, many more new designs created than quilts made, so after the exhibition it was decided to make seventeen more cot quilts and combine those with eight of the existing ones to exhibit in 2020 at the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampter, Wales.

In addition, the audiovisual material that featured at the Festival of Quilts show would be developed and expanded to give further insight into the specifics of the design and creation of these quilts in the Welsh tradition.

By early 2020, all of the quilts and support material were completed - but of course the exhibition itself, scheduled to start in March, had to be put on hold because of the pandemic.

That exhibition eventually happened from March - October 2022 at the Welsh Quilt Centre in Lampeter and, now the exhibition is over, all the information, pictures and support material is available to view on this website.

The quilts in Dec 2019.