After many years of designing, making,  and teaching about traditional, hand-quilted Welsh quilts, I’ve finally got round to writing a book about Welsh Quilt Design –  one of my two great passions.

Maybe one day I will write a book about my other great passion – wholecloth quilts…

What the book is about

Rather than being just a book of designs, this book takes the reader through the process of designing Welsh quilts from a library of simple motifs. The characteristics of the various types of quilt (eg strippy, rectangular) and the challenges presented by them, are explored in a systematic way.

My Inspiration

I have been hand-quilting for over 25 years, and during that time have established a reputation and expertise in designing and making wholecloth quilts. As part of that journey, I became fascinated by the Welsh tradition and have learned a great deal about it through a continuous cycle of research, design, making and teaching. An example of one of my prize-winning Welsh quilts, Tarian Aur (Golden Shield), can be seen below. Instrumental in that process has been Jen Jones, with whom I have developed a strong friendship over the years.

Example Page

Here is a sample page from the book, Welsh Quilting Design.

The book itself can be purchased from Amazon.