…to my web-shop.

I love designing quilt patterns, and this web-shop is devoted to the numerous patterns I have produced over the years.

But I don’t just design – I make as well. As an ardent hand-quilter I have made quilts from the majority of the quilt patterns on this site, exhibited many of those quilts, and also won prizes for quite a few of them.

I mainly design for the wholecloth tradition (primarily Welsh and Durham) but have also developed that to include colonial knotting and beading (some packs of matched knotting thread and seed beads are also available).

Pattern sizes vary from cushion to king size. The patterns themselves are printed at high contrast on A2 white paper. Once they are assembled (with sellotape) the fabric can be pinned to the pattern and the lines lightly traced on the fabric using a marker (I use a Derwent Watercolour Crayon of a colour similar to the fabric). Note that the lines show through most fabric that you would select for hand-quilting (dark, closely-woven fabric might need a lightbox or use of a large patio door window!).

Sandie Lush