Welcome to Sandie Lush's Gallery at FoQ 2019

Mrs Thomas' prize-winning quilt

The series of cot-quilts on display in this gallery is called Paisley Parade, and is a brand new collection by Sandie Lush based on an iconic Welsh motif, Mrs Thomas' paisley. This website provides a wealth of support material for the quilts in the gallery, namely:

  • Inspiration for the quilts
  • Design principles, including the motifs used
  • Detailed information for each quilt, including the derivation of its pattern
  • Pictures of the quilts, including the reverse side
  • Videos of the quilt-making process

(In addition, the following link provides some information about Sandie's first collection, called Paisley Renaissance, which was originally exhibited at the Welsh Quilt Museum in Lampeter in 2016.)